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Orange Restaurant

Orange has been synonymous with Lowveld dining for many years, continuing to present beautiful food that not only appeals to a sense of luxury, but also honesty, integrity and an inherent natural flavour. The focus has, and always will be, to present an exciting and dynamic experience with progression of flavours and sense of luxury. At Orange, the focus is on pampering and the dedication to dining as an experience.

More than just a Restaurant

A part from serving some of the best cuisine in Mpumalanga, our facility can cater for all kinds of events. From Weddings to Conferences and more, we can even accommodate your guests in style at Loerie’s Call Guest house & Francolin Lodge.

TestimonialsFrom our Valued Customers

I don’t know when pepper mills in a restaurant got to be right behind frankincense and myrrh in prominence. It used to be in a little jar that sat next to the salt on the table and everyone passed it around, sneezed, and it was no big deal.

Erma Bombeck

Great restaurants are, of course, nothing but mouth-brothels. There is no point in going to them if one intends to keep one's belt buckled.

Frederic Raphael

I met a keen observer who gave me a tip: ‘If you run across a restaurant where you often see priests eating with priests, or sporting girls with sporting girls, you may be confident that it is good. Those are two classes of people who like to eat well and get their money’s worth.

A.J. Liebling

The Iconic OrangeStyle & Excellence

Tucked in a corner of Mbombela on top of a hill lies the surprising Orange Restaurant where the lavish, but homely menu is as lovely as the contemporary, unique interior. Considered the hidden gem of Mbombela with its breathtaking Vistas, the restaurant has been delighting diners since 2012.

Open Seven days a week, the restaurant offers lovingly prepared dishes for lunch and dinner ensuring there is a menu with variety to suit all tastes and occasions. This is the perfect location for a romantic evening or to celebrate an event with family.

We have a built-in bar manned by a cocktail maker who can whip up a number of divine cocktails as set out on our menu.
For winter we have an indoor fire to add warmth to the ambiance, and for summer days, we have air-conditioning to temper the Lowveld heat.

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